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First Bid Packages Released for JPS Bond Program

JPS Health Network has released the first two packages available for contractor bidding as part of the JPS Bond Program, the $800-million project that will create new healthcare facilities for residents of Tarrant County. JPS is seeking bids for opportunities primarily consisting of “enabling projects” which are needed before the major portions of the JPS Bond Program can proceed.

“This is the first of what will be many steps along our journey to reimagine healthcare in Tarrant County through the revitalization of the JPS Health Network and our main campus,” said Dr. Karen Duncan, newly-named President and CEO of JPS Health Network. “Releasing these bid packages to our community of potential contract service providers helps us begin building our team of partners who will design and construct our new facilities, and we expect great community involvement as we look to turn our vision into reality.”

JPS released the following bid packages, which are in Phase 1 of the overall project:

  • Design Build Services for a new Medical Home facility, to be located at an undetermined site in Tarrant County

  • Design Build Services for a new parking garage on the main campus

Additional bid packages for Phase 1 projects will be made available through the first quarter of 2022. Among the next to be released will be:

  • Pavilion Upgrade: Nurse Call System

  • Pavilion Upgrade: Fire Alarm System

  • Pavilion Upgrade: Building Controls System

  • A Co-Generation Plant design consultant

  • Temporary surface parking

  • A project to add two upper levels to the existing Patient Care Pavilion garage

  • Contracts for infrastructure needs, including geotechnical services and materials testing

Additional bid packages for Phase 1 projects will be finalized and released as they become available later in 2022.

The release of the first group of bid packages allows architecture, design, engineering, contracting, construction, and professional services firms to pursue opportunities in the project to create the new JPS healthcare facilities over the next decade.

The JPS Bond Program will ultimately create new healthcare facilities to serve Tarrant County residents for the next half century, including a new main hospital, an ambulatory surgery center, and a psychiatric hospital on the main JPS campus, as well as new medical home facilities around the county.

Projects open for bidding can be accessed at (on the Vendors page), along with information to register as a potential contractor and the latest news and information regarding the JPS Bond Program.


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