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New JPS Health Network Emergency Department Expansion by the Numbers

Updated: May 18, 2021

To meet ever-increasing demands on its services, JPS Health Network has expanded its Emergency Department to allow more people to receive care more quickly and efficiently.

The new facilities opened in October.

“The expansion is wonderful for the safety and comfort of our patients and also adds to the efficiency of the department and a better atmosphere for our team members, patients and physicians,” said Wanda Peebles, RN, Executive Vice President, Acute Care and Chief Nursing Officer. “Our volumes continue to increase and it gives us more work spaces for safer patient care to help with the increasing volumes.”

How will the expansion benefit patients and people who take care of them? Here is a look at the ED expansion by the numbers:

1 – Dedicated police officer to oversee the new Emergency Department space and keep everyone safe

2 – Brand new employee restrooms to go along with two additional patient restrooms. Previously the 60 people who work in the Emergency Department had no dedicated facilities to use. By giving them their own facilities, caregivers can more quickly return to the people they’re caring for

4 – Number of patients per staff member in the new Emergency Department area

12- New patient rooms complete with brand new beds that include an internal scale. “The scales are a very important safety feature,” according to Manager of Emergency Services Chris Cook. “You have to make sure that patients are getting the correct dosage of medicine for their weight.”

23 – Work stations for caregivers

7,000 – Approximate number of additional Emergency Department square feet added by the expansion

“It’s designed with service in mind with a patient-centered perspective,” James D’Etienne, M.D., an Emergency Medicine physician said of the Emergency Department expansion. He added that the design team listened to providers on how to make the space more efficient for patients and providers alike. Each room is laid out the same, so caregivers know where to access all equipment. The clear patient room doors allow physicians to see what is happening inside, but it is quieter and more private. ”You can close the door and see out but the sound won’t travel.”


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