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Dirt is flying at JPS!

The former site of Hemphill Behavioral Health Center is being demolished to make room for additional team member parking on the southwest corner of the JPS Main Campus.

Team members from the Hemphill clinic moved to a new location on West Terrell Avenue in August 2021. It was renamed the JPS Center for Behavioral Health Recovery. The old Hemphill clinic had outlived its usefulness. A former nursing home, the structure had a foreboding atmosphere with a front desk behind security glass, cinderblock walls, and a lack of exterior windows.

Demolition of the building, at the corner of Hemphill Street and Allen Avenue, will take about two weeks, and then removal of ancillary items such as planters, lights, and poles will take another two weeks.

“It’s rewarding to see some tangible signs of progress from the years of planning and preparation involved with the JPS Bond Program,” said JPS President and CEO Karen Duncan, MD.

This paves the way for major construction projects planned to expand JPS. The lot will be near the site of a future Psychiatric Emergency Center planned at Allen and Jennings Avenues.

For more information about the JPS Bond Program, visit


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1 Comment

what a joke. after almost 5 years of no progress they are bragging about this?

Someone needs to investigate what they are paying a month to their consultant team. A complete waste of Tarrant County taxpayer money.

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