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First Bids in JPS Bond Program Unveiled

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

Initial projects will be available for bid in the coming months, including Patient Pavilion expansion, a new Medical Home, parking facilities and infrastructure projects

JPS Health Network revealed some of the first projects that will be available for bid as part of the $800-million bond construction program that will create new healthcare facilities for residents of Tarrant County. The program management partnership of Broaddus & Associates and LeVis Consulting Group told about 175 attendees in a Kickoff Event webinar that some of the first bid packages could be made available within the next two months, and others in the first quarter of 2022.

The bid opportunities will be released by JPS, and primarily consist of enabling projects such as parking and utilities work, which allow for the major portions of the JPS Bond Program to proceed.

“This is very exciting for JPS,” said Darrick Walls, Program Director for the JPS Bond Program, who briefed attendees on the overall master plan. “This is a plan that will take JPS not just for the next ten years of the bond program, but on into the future for the next fifty-plus years.”

The initial projects revealed as part of Phase I of the program include:

  • An expansion project for the existing Patient Pavilion, designed to eventually connect to the new hospital

  • A new Medical Home facility, to be located at an undetermined site in Tarrant County

  • Design for the new Central Utility Plant, which is envisioned to have the capacity to support all the new facilities planned

  • A Co-Generation Plant design consultant

  • Three contracts for parking facilities, including:

    • a temporary surface parking lot

    • the addition of two upper levels to the existing Patient Pavilion garage

    • a new parking garage

  • Contracts for infrastructure needs, including geotechnical services and materials testing

The event marked the first public introduction to potential bid opportunities for the community of architecture, design, engineering, contracting, construction and professional services firms that will create the new JPS healthcare facilities over the next decade.

The JPS Patient Care Pavilion will see an expansion to the north of the building and two upper levels added to its parking garage (at right) in Phase I of the JPS Bond Program.

“This $800 million bond program is very important to Tarrant County,” said Rodger Witt, Project Manager for the bond program. “JPS has done a superb job utilizing the facilities they have had available, but this bond program will provide the patients and staff the facilities they need, with a current model of care and technology.”

The program management team also briefed prospective bidders about the various initiatives available for Minority, Women, Veterans Business Enterprise (MWVBE) firms to compete for available contracts, and fielded questions from attendees at the event.

The JPS Bond Program will ultimately include new healthcare facilities to serve Tarrant County residents for the next half century, including a new hospital, an ambulatory surgery center, and a psychiatric hospital on the main JPS campus, as well as new medical home facilities.

To register as a potential contractor for the JPS Bond Program, visit the JPS Vendor portal.

For the latest news and information on the JPS Bond Program, visit the website.



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