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JPS Hosts Groundbreaking Ceremony for Medical Home Southwest Tarrant

JPS Health Network hosted a groundbreaking ceremony on Wednesday, December 7 for the new Medical Home Southwest Tarrant, a future primary care clinic located in the 76123 zip code that will primarily serve residents of the Fort Worth Wedgewood neighborhood in Southwest Tarrant County.

Representatives from Tarrant County, the JPS Board of Managers, the City of Fort Worth, and the state joined JPS executives, providers, and team members to celebrate the new medical home which will allow patients to access care under one roof providing convenience and efficiency.

"When I look back at all the work we've done together, I am most impressed by how we moved with purpose and urgency to provide much-needed access for our Tarrant County communities," said Dr. Karen Duncan, JPS President and CEO.

The new facility will be located at the intersection of Mesa Springs Drive and Granbury Road in Fort Worth. It will be approximately 39,000 square feet and is slated to open in 2024. The medical home will include primary care services and other ancillary healthcare services to address the socioeconomic needs of the community.

"Medical Home Southwest Tarrant will be a center where patients can engage and find expert clinical care and experience the benefits of integrated behavioral health support services," Joy Parker, Vice President of Network Operations, said.

This community showed the highest growth and the greatest need for additional healthcare services. Providing patients with more accessible access to care will help bring comprehensive healthcare to their community.

"As the healthcare needs of the Tarrant County community have grown, we want patients to seek care in the neighborhood near their home so they don't have to travel far to access care," said Dr. Zubair Latif, Medical Director of Family Medicine. "That's what the medical homes are for – to be in the community and to be able to serve the community's needs.”

Precinct 1 Commissioner Roy Charles Brooks said the medical home would expand on bringing services to patients.

"With the medical homes, we expand into specialty care and mental health services, which are equally as important as physical health services but much harder to get, especially on a community-wide basis," Brooks said. "That's why I'm proud of this model. I think it's the right model for the people of Tarrant County at the right time."

JPS Health Network works to provide its patient population with the best care possible to improve the lives of every patient.

"Our patients are at the center of all we do, and we recognize that when a person achieves and maintains good health, it has a positive impact, not only on that patient, but on a family, neighborhood, and on creating a thriving community," Parker said.

Services planned for the new Medical Home Southwest Tarrant include:

- Expanded after-hours care

- Diagnostic Imaging and Laboratory Services

- Convenient access to prescriptions in a retail Pharmacy

- Critical Cancer Care Screenings

- Chronic Disease Prevention and Management

- Connection to Comprehensive Community Support Services

- Wellness Education classes

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