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The Behavioral Health Continuum of Care

Being seen and understood are at the forefront of JPS Health Network’s mission to support better and healthier lives. Earning trust is a critical step for the JPS Behavioral Health team as they care for patients on their journey to wellness and recovery.

Zelia Baugh, Executive Vice President of Behavioral Health, emphasizes that removing the stigma from behavioral health conversations is key. What follows is a patient’s gratitude for acceptance and assistance across all levels of the care continuum.

“When they start coming out of the shadows and start talking about it, they realize they’re not the only ones,” Baugh said. “There’s hope and help.”

About JPS Behavioral Health Services

The JPS Behavioral Health division has an extensive group of programs supporting patients at any point along their journey to total wellness.

JPS has the only Psychiatric Emergency Center (PEC) in Tarrant County. The PEC triages patients experiencing acute mental health crises. Patients are monitored and assessed by the PEC team before being connected to services that meet their individual needs.

Trinity Springs Pavilion (TSP) is the inpatient psychiatric facility on the JPS Main Campus. This 24/7 hospital-based, recovery-focused program provides short-term treatment, comprehensive psychiatric evaluation, case management, recreational therapy, medication management, and peer support services. Patients are provided with the needed tools to help them on their wellness journey.

Other behavioral health services include the Partial Hospitalization Program, Intensive Outpatient Program, and numerous community-based rehabilitation care groups.

JPS is always ready for those seeking behavioral health assistance. The Behavioral Health team is here to ensure patients are seen and heard during their care and recovery journey.

The JPS Bond Program will support expanded behavioral health care for current and future generations of Tarrant County patients. Plans to construct a new psychiatric emergency center and inpatient hospital on Main Campus are being developed. Additionally, new medical homes with behavioral health services will be introduced in parts of the county to meet patients where they are. Stay up-to-date on the JPS Bond Program at

To get in touch with JPS Behavioral Health resources, call Outpatient Behavioral Health at 817-702-3100 or Inpatient Behavioral Health at 817-702-3636. More information about these services can be found at


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