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What to Know as the JPS Bond Program Moves Forward

The JPS Health Network plan for expansion and renovation to modernize the JPS campus is moving at full speed with multiple groundbreaking ceremonies scheduled for this fall. The $800 million JPS Bond Program project will redefine the Main Campus in Fort Worth and add a medical home that serves the Southwest Tarrant County patient population. The entirety of the project will cost roughly $1.5 billion, which includes additional excess operating cash of about $600 million invested by JPS.

At the September JPS Board of Managers Meeting, more information on the progress of the expansion was unveiled, such as groundbreaking dates, cost breakdowns, and parking details for staff during construction. The expansion will start with construction of three major projects: the Psychiatric Emergency Center (PEC), transitional parking, and Medical Home Southwest Tarrant. Other projects include Medical Office Building (MOB), Pavilion Extension, Magnolia Parking Garage, Central Utility Plant (CUP), New Hospital Towers, and West Campus Demolition.

Psychiatric Emergency Center (PEC)

A groundbreaking event for the Psychiatric Emergency Center will be held on October 26. This building will be located on the southwest side of campus, along Allen Street at South Jennings Avenue. The demolition of the Hemphill Behavioral Health Center, a non-bond project, paved the way for the start of the PEC construction. The first component of this project will be the connector building between the Trinity Springs Pavilion and PEC. JT Vaughn Construction, LLC were approved to work on the project by the Tarrant County Commissioners on August 2. The total cost for the construction of the PEC will be $80 million, bond funded. The Board of Managers passed the motion on the intermediate work package for the connector during the meeting.

Medical Home Southwest Tarrant

A groundbreaking event for Medical Home Southwest Tarrant, the next primary care medical clinic is scheduled for later this year. The location for this new medical home will be constructed at the intersection of Mesa Springs Drive and Granbury Road in Fort Worth, and will allow residents in Southwest Tarrant County to access care. Byrne Construction Services, Post L Group, and SBL Architecture will build the facility. The entire project will cost $37 million, bond funded.

Medical Office Building (MOB) & Magnolia Parking Garage

The Medical Office Building and Magnolia Parking Garage will be built on what is now the JPS Professional Office Complex (JPOC) parking lot, located on Magnolia Avenue. The Medical Office Building will offer services currently provided at JPOC. The project is estimated to cost $112 million. Magnolia Parking Garage will provide a large amount of additional parking and is estimated to cost $63 million, bond funded.

Transitional Parking

Campus parking for patients, visitors, and staff is vital and construction for temporary parking will begin soon. The need for temporary parking is crucial to freeing space in the JPOC parking lots for the construction of the Magnolia Parking Garage and the Medical Office Building. The estimated cost is $15 million from JPS invested funds. H.J. Russell & Company was approved by the JPS Board of Managers on March 24 for the project. The Board of Managers passed the motion on the intermediate work package for transitional parking during the meeting.

Pavilion North Expansion

The $74 million, bond funded expansion of the Patient Care Pavilion will play a significant role in the infrastructure of the new hospital. The expansion will connect the towers for the new hospital which will sit on the current green space.

Central Utility Plant (CUP)

The Central Utility Plant, a cogeneration plant that will deliver power, heating, and cooling to the entire JPS campus more efficiently is a $128 million project. It is currently going through a feasibility study evaluation with Jacobs Engineering and has potential for significant savings.

The JPS Bond Program is moving forward quickly. Be sure to stay up-to-date on all the latest news at Yes to JPS.


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